Rich in vitamins. Contains sea buckthorn oil.


melissimo - sea buckthorn nectar


Sea buckthorn or "Romanian ginseng" contains the highest amount of vitamin C, more than the rosehip and ten times more than citrus fruits. Sea buckthorn can also be the best flu vaccine.

  • Immunostimulatory effect. Eating sea buckthorn helps the body to stay healthy and strong and, if necessary, fight diseases. Moreover, it has antibiotic properties and directly combats bacterial infections.
  • Vitaminizing effect. Sea buckthorn fruits contain almost all the minerals and vitamins necessary for the human body.
  • Depurative effect. Eating sea buckthorn helps the body eliminate toxins through both the digestive system and the liver.
  • Anti-inflammatory effect. Sea buckthorn is a good anti-inflammatory and antibacterial, helps to treat skin conditions, wounds or burns
  • Healing effect. Sea buckthorn has a strong healing effect, helps to restore tissues.
  • Cytoprotective effect. Sea buckthorn protects cells from everything that is toxic and harmful and helps to maintain the health of the body.


We own the largest BIO-certified plantation in Romania
We have 4 varieties of BIO accredited sea buckthorn,which we collect at different times to enjoy the whole complex of VITAMIN(C, E, F, K, B1, B2, B3) and OMEGA(3, 6, 7, 9).

The sea buckthorn plantation is located in Gorj County, in the gilort meadow, in a mountainous area, surrounded by grassland and protected from pollution and intensive agriculture. On an area of more than 44 hectares,we harvest the sea buckthorn to European standards and turn it into sea buckthorn juice

In Melissimo there are no additions, preservatives, food dyes or artificial elements.

Beyond its delicious and refreshing taste, each of Melissimo's ingredients is a true wonder of nature, with extraordinary benefits on the well-being and balance of the body.


Bio nectar is produced from organic sea buckthorn fruits sweetened with organic honey (Melarium Honey, also produced by us).
It is consumed as such or diluted with water as a syrup. To be consumed within 5 days of opening.

Quantity: 250ml
Ingredients: organic sea buckthorn 60%, organic honey 40%