You can order any available product in stock.
Payment can be made upon receipt of the package in the refund system or by bank transfer.
The order registration is not confirmation of the order. After the order is registered, it will be processed for confirmation exclusively by email and the determination of delivery dates. The delivery deadline is 1-2 days after the order is confirmed. However, during the period of the great religious holidays (Easter, Christmas) or during the period of great commercial discounts (Black Friday) the delivery of the order can take between 5-10 days.
The method of delivery of the products is by package and the shipment is done through Fan Courier. We take responsibility for the proper transport of the package. If the product/products are destroyed as a result of transport, they will be replaced at no additional cost. The check of the package will be done in the presence of the representative of the courier company and in case of damage finding scans will be drawn up a report of damage.

The cost of delivery is displayed on the check-out page. For single orders whose cost exceeds the amount of 250lei delivery is free.
Cancellation of orders can be done by e-mail or telephone but only validates if they have not been sent.
The customer has the obligation to provide correct delivery data and to receive the package directly or through representatives.


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