We have 4 varieties of BIO accredited sea buckthorn,which we collect at different times to enjoy the whole complex of VITAMIN(C, E, F, K, B1, B2, B3) and OMEGA(3, 6, 7, 9).

The sea buckthorn plantation is located in Gorj County, in the gilort meadow, in a mountainous area, surrounded by grassland and protected from pollution and intensive agriculture. On an area of more than 44 hectares,we harvest the sea buckthorn to European standards and turn it into sea buckthorn juice

The process of sterilization of the juice is identical to that of preparing the astronauts' food. By WIPP sterizilation, i.e. at a pressure of 6000 Bari, the juice is inserted with glass into a pressure tube, a treatment that allows the product to be kept RAW, along with all properties and vitamins intact.

Melissimo is a 100% natural, unpasteurised beverage, obtained exclusively from pure and unprocessed industrial ingredients, produced naturally, with minimal human intervention, in clean areas, free from pollution.

In Melissimo there are no additions, preservatives, food dyes or artificial elements.

Beyond its delicious and refreshing taste, each of Melissimo's ingredients is a true wonder of nature, with extraordinary benefits on the well-being and balance of the body.

catina melissimo
sea buckthorn - melissimo
sea buckthorn - melissimo


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