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How to prepare your own immunity tea perfectly

sea buckthorn tea - melissimo

What is actually tea, medicine or pampering? What do we appreciate him for, for the benefits he brings to health or for his taste? Today we set out to show you that we do not have to choose one of the options. We can have both in the delicious immunity tea from the nectar of sea buckthorn Melissimo.

Why melissimo buckthorn nectar?

Thanks to the bucktle, this true blessing of nature, recognized for the proven benefits for the health and strength of our immune system. We softened the strong taste of the dog and balanced it with the perfect proportion of honey, for a divine taste. This is the nectar of buckthorn, an elixir that heals our bodies and delights our senses.

From nectar to tea

Although the nectar of the buckthorn can be consumed fresh, as such, we are always trying to discover new ways in which the nectar of the buckthorn will come to be appreciated and loved by as many people as possible. Thus, we challenge tea lovers to discover their favorite drink in a unique interpretation. Tea from the nectar of buckthorn.

How to prepare tea from melissimo sea buckthorn nectar?

It is as simple to prepareas it is savory to consume. Depending on the amount you want to prepare, add 3 parts of natural water over 1 part of Melissimo sea buckthorn nectar. For example, from a bottle of melissimo sea buckthorn nectar of 250 ml, on top of which we add 750ml of hot water, we get 1 liter of sea buckthorn tea, enough to delight the whole family with its surprising taste.

Health benefits of catin tea

Rich in vitamin C, sea buckthorn protects the healthof the heart , through its high content of fatty acids improves quality and relieves skin problems and accelerates digestion, and perhaps most importantly especially in the cold season, because it is rich in antioxidants it strengthens the immune system.

The conclusion is simple. If you have not tried melissimo buckthorn nectar tea before, it's time to test its miraculous properties and sublime taste. All you need is to have at hand a bottle of bio melissimo buckthorn nectar and the necessary disposition to enjoy a quality tea. We guarantee that it will brighten your day, uplift your spirit and fortify your body.

The organic buckthorn nectar and the other products from the Melissimo range can be ordered from our online store or from most supermarkets and gas station chains in the country.

Enjoy it and we look forward to sharing the Melissimo experience with us!