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The wonder effects of Sea buckthorn.

sea buckthorn wonder effects - melissimo

A real infusion of health.

Sea buckthorn is one of the fruits that we should all consume: it contains a lot of vitamins and minerals, but also it has substances that have a positive effect on your mood.
The benefits of sea buckthorn are also impressive: it is full of vitamins A and E (three times more than wheat germs and three times more than carrots, being very important in the regeneration processes), K, P, F, the whole B complex, it contains a large amount of betacarotene, but also phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, iron, Omega 3,Omega 6 and the precious Omega 7.

According to specialized studies, the sea buckthorn has the highest concentration of Vitamin C of all fruits, about 10 times higher than citrus fruits. It also contains essential amino acids and unsaturated fatty acids.

Two studies, conducted in the United States and Japan, have shown that intake of Omega 7 contributes significantly to the production of good cholesterol, as well as to the body's favorable response to insulin. The high concentration of Omega 7 in sea buckthorn can also be the secret of a young skin, a bright face and a body without stretch marks. Fatty acid is naturally present in human tissues, including the epidermis, but time and external factors will say their word which is why it should be "helped" to maintain supple and beautiful skin. In the cosmetic industry, Omega 7 is increasingly included in skin care creams due to its natural presence in tissues, writes Cosmopolitan.

Serotonin, the happiness hormone

Another substance found in large quantities in sea buckthorn is the serotonin. Also known as the happiness hormone, serotonin is particularly important in the current context, given its effects on the human body, and especially on the mood. It should also be noted that this fruit and its derivatives are suitable for any age. And because of its properties, the sea buckthorn is indicated to be consumed as often as possible.

Sea buckthorn helps to:

  • Strengthening immunity
  • Treating digestive diseases
  • General toning, antianemic, vitaminizing
  • Very good anti-inflammatory
  • Anti-Flu effect
  • Decreases the duration of convalescence after illness
  • Strong cicatrizer
  • Improves liver detoxification function
  • Solar radiation protector

Organic sea buckthorn juice from Melissimo

A great option to consume this wonder fruit is Melissimosea buckthorn juice. This natural product is made from organic sea buckthorn, pure honey and alkaline water (pH 8.9 – 9).

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